Degrading Center Square Public Sex

Susana Abril is an adorable Spanish girl with a tight little body that was made for degrading public sex. She finds herself stripped naked and crawls on her hands and knees like a dog, chasing after her clothes for all to see. Then she takes a fucking in her ass, mouth, and pussy. This public disgrace shoot was from the very beginning of our last trip, so we were still sort of testing the waters. It isn’t the craziest content we’ve ever shot in public, but hell, it’s still better than anything you can see anywhere else.



Publicly Disgraced For First Time

A hot Euro slut gets tied up and fucked for the first time!!!! Samy is a hot 19 year old who had never been tied up or exposed to degrading public disgrace before this shoot. After you become a member, you get to see all the raw emotion of a first timer as she is taken to the streets, stripped, flogged, dominated and made to suck cock and get fucked. Throughout the humiliating public sex shoot she alternates between a nervous smile, screams of pain and moans of pleasure. Everything that gets done to her is new,and in the end she is hungry for more.



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There is something about public sex that just makes my dick so hard it hurts. When the opportunity comes along to see the BEST OF EUROPE and a beautiful German Milf bound and fucked in public, I am all over it like white on rice. I love public disgrace and when I got the chance to watch Steve Holmes tie up and fuck a hot German Milf in the streets of Europe, I had to make sure I had a wad of tissue handy to clean up the mess I made. This is your chance to get back to the streets again! This is the first shoot from our latest trip to Europe. We got lucky as hell and scored a smoking hot German Milf, bound her, fucked her senseless, and left her on the street covered in cum!



Public Disgrace Of Saucy Spanish Slut

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