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Public Humiliation On Parade

Public Humiliation On Parade

Check out this honey as she descends from heaven to display her angelic body in public humiliation on the streets of Spain. In nothing more than a sheer dress, she is lead around on a leash through the center of town until she is stood over a hot air grate a la Marilyn Monroe. Surprise! There’s nothing under that skirt but pure slut. Then she is hung from a tree in the park in the perfect position to whip and humiliate her. Her public disgrace journey continues with a pony butt plug filling her best hole. Strangers cannot help but gawk when they see her suffering public humiliation. But why stop there? Please, look AND touch! After all of this, she offers no resistance as Omar leads her to a secluded romantic corner to fuck her like the dog she is! Not so secluded that passersby can’t take photos of the public disgrace though. Finally, this gorgeous vixen is bound on a pedestal and fucked in the most shameful positions while locals watch her submitting to public sex. It can’t get more humiliating than this. Oh wait, yes it can, if you have come on your face!



  • By Anonymous, December 4, 2012 @ 12:07 pm

    Love watching pretty women getting fucking in public. Very taboo and very exciting. Nice work.

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